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GC Productions is an award-winning documentary photography and video production company specialised in helping humanitarian and development actors tell powerful stories and build their brand. We are happy to work with NGOs and corporate clients who want to communicate with impact and integrity.

Our work builds upon several years of media, communications and advocacy experience with major NGOs in complex contexts around the world. 

GC Productions also offers audio-visual storytelling, production and communications consulting services.

We are comfortable working in challenging environments and with subjects where confidentiality and sensitivity are essential.






GC Productions strives to promote an approach to communication that puts the empowerment of people and their communities first, that lives up to the highest ethical standards and that steers clear of sensationalisation, objectification and exploitation.

We firmly believe that, irrespective to the context, individuals and communities are entitled to be in control of their stories and feel ownership over the messages conveyed through them.

Through our material we want to bridge the distance between people and help them understand each other's realities, presenting them with dignity in a way that does justice to their stories.


"For humanitarians, by humanitarians"

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Gabriele François Casini founded GC Productions after several years of media, communications and advocacy experience within Médecins Sans Frontières and Save the Children. He worked in various contexts around the world, including South Sudan, DRC and Iraq. He took part in the response to the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa and has been involved in projects assisting people on the move both in the Mediterranean Sea and on land in Greece.

Over the years Gabriele has been lucky enough to win a few photography and reportage awards and to have his work published by major media outlets, magazines and agencies, including National Geographic and the The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.


Gabriele François Casini